The Best Colleges in Boston

Boston has long held a reputation as one of the most outstanding locations for higher learning in the US, if not the world. This, for the most part, owes to the area’s world-famous duo of colleges, Harvard and MIT. But beyond these two internationally renowned institutions, the Boston area is home to dozens of other… Read More

The Best Master's in Public Health Programs

Choosing to undertake a master’s in public health can give you the chance to follow a wide range of exciting, rewarding, and meaningful career paths. Whether you ultimately use your degree to work in public health as a teacher, researcher, consultant, dietitian or nutritionist, epidemiologist, nurse, bio-statistician, or healthcare administrator, with an MA in public… Read More

Dental School Rankings

The US is home to a total of no fewer than 66 dental schools. While this stat means there’s plenty of choice for those keen on pursuing a career in dentistry, it also means that gauging which of the available schools and programs will be best for your education in dentistry can involve a lot… Read More

Pharmacy School Rankings

The number of pharmacy schools in the US has almost doubled in the last thirty years. From a mere 72 schools in 1987, there are now in the region of 150 accredited institutions nationwide. And with the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) stating it expects a shortfall of as many as 157,000 pharmacists… Read More